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I know its been so long, since you guys have heard from me. But I've been working on a return for the server. I don't know when the date of return but, all I can say is I will try to make it the best i can. You can find more information the Twitter page @SkyRealmNet I will be posting information on there.

Thank you anyone who has been waiting, I will try my best to make sure the server comes back out.

Minecraft Server Information IMPORTANT

Hello! My name is Ronin, the head of Builder Management and Recruitment/Owner of SkyRealm.


Recently, the primary owner, Elfehn, has not been active. In the meantime, he has now returned and has been on and off occasionally because of some family-related issues and technical difficulties with his laptop. 

We are hoping to be able to work on the server in the next few weeks to be able to release Season 2! In season 2, we will be having Survival, Skyblock, Factions and a few more that we have still not decided!

We hope that you understand our reasons and we deeply apologize for what has been happening :)  

Important Discord Announcments IMPORTANT

Hello everyone,

We are very extremely sorry if you were recently kicked off of our official discord server :(


We had an admin, Vegas (MC IGN:AW4K3), and another user by the name of GZdoor destroyed the entire discord server, whilst also banning every single player under Admin rank, deleting all the channels and mass pinging the rest of us hundreds of times over and over... Again, I, RoninGamingYT, Owner and Head of Builder recruitment and management, am truly sorry about the destruction. All I can think of now is what he would have done to the MC server if he had the chance...

If you want to rejoin the discord server, here is the link :
Discord -

Staff Applications IMPORTANT

Staff applications are still up!

You can apply for helper and/or builder right now! If you are interested in becoming Builder, please message me on discord at RoninGamingYT#9790 for the form.

Good luck to everyone that will/have applied!

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